Mar.05.10 at 08:56 am
White on Rice and Children of Invention are two awesome independent Asian American films that have created a lot of buzz in the festival circuit. And I think fans of YP will get a kick out of them. The filmmakers have teamed up for a joint premier in NYC next weekend and to celebrate, they're running a free DVD giveaway contest for the next eight days. Each day, a trivia question will be posted either about White on Rice or Children of Invention. The first person to email the correct answer will win the DVD of the film in question. There will be four questions per movie each. Of course, if you're in NYC you can just stop by the premier next weekend. For the rest of us, get your thinking caps on and hit up the contest!

And here are the trailers for both films. I hope they get a wider release someday so I can see them here in DC.

Mar.03.10 at 08:30 am

A handful of people have been asking about Kane's shirt and if they can buy it. Well now you can! Join the Rider Revolution with our first piece of Yellow Peril merch. The shirt is available in girl sizes as well and goes for $19.49 (American Apparel versions for $24.04).

So to celebrate our first thingy, if you send me a photo of you wearing the Rider Revolution shirt I'll send you an awesome sketch of a Kamen Rider of your choice be it Ichigo, V3, ZX, Hibiki, or whoever. Just let me know which Rider you want when you send in the photo.

This is just the beginning!
Mar.02.10 at 01:07 pm

Remember folks, "noodles, vegetables, and some kinda of weird sauce!"

If it wasn't fairly obvious by now, I love me some food. The ethnic diversity of cuisine in the Washington, D.C. metro area is truly amazing. I love finding those little out-of-the-way homestyle places that serve traditional foods that you can't find at those big chain restaurants. But I also love cooking at home and trying new recipes.

Mark Bittman's column for the New York Times serves as excellent inspiration for me when I'm looking for something quick to cook up. And his recipe for Yakisoba looks awful damn tasty.

Of course, this dog's recipe looks pretty yummy, too!

Mar.01.10 at 09:03 am
The DC Metro area is full of snobby Japanese restaurants. Just toss a stick and you'll be walking distance from a high-priced douchey suchi joint with exotic sounding dishes like the "Flaming Dragon of Pern" roll or a "I Love Sushi But Not the Raw Stuff So I Guess it's Kinda Sushi But Not Really" roll. In a sea of high-end sushi joints that cater to the tragically hip, Temari Cafe in Rockville, MD is a welcome breath of fresh air. You won't find any screwy rolls with stupid names on the menu. What you will find is tasty Japanese homestyle cooking to keep you warm through these last chilling days of Winter.

The food is moderately priced so while it's not quite as high as those irritating sushi joints, the prices are on par with a Ruby Tuesdays or the like. They're closed on Tuesdays. They tend to be more busy on the weekends than the weekdays but it all depends. There are times when we've gotten a seat right away during the busiest hours and times when we've been waiting for a while during typically non-peak hours. They've got a rack of manga to browse through while you wait which is always a good sign.

Here are some of the tasty dishes you'll find. Took these last night when we went with Audrey's parents:

Miso Ramen
Miso Ramen Attack
They serve gigantic bowls of ramen, the kind that Naruto devours at Ichiraku Ramen. I highly suggest the Miso ramen.

Omu Rice
Omu Rice Om Nom Nom
I've never had it, but my father-in-law loves the stuff. That's rice and chicken with tomato sauce wrapped in a big thing of egg. *drooooool*

Katsu Donburi
Breaded and fried pork cutlets over rice with egg and onions. So freaking good for a cold day.

Katsu Curry Rice
Katsu Curry Rice
The Cadillac of curry rice, the Katsu Curry at Temari comes on a gigantic plate. It's a meal fit for a small family, but I usually eat the whole damn thing myself. I always get this during the cold months because it's the perfect comfort food for cold weather.

So if you ever find yourself stranded on Rockville Pike sometime and you're hungry for Japanese food and it's not Tuesday, get your ass on over to Temari and dig in!
Feb.25.10 at 08:48 am

I'm unfamiliar with Kaoru Mori's work, but this video series of her drawing a character from her manga Otoyomegatari is really inspiring. It looks like her pencils are pretty tight with quite a lot of detail, but just in inking this face section she puts in even more detail like the dangling things off the ear rings and the shading in the pupils. I have a feeling I'm going to be watching this over and over again.

The rest of the series is over at this site. It's all in Japanese, but they've embeded the entire series. Really good watch if you're interested in learning how to ink with a dip pen.
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