Ally To The Rescue

August 4, 2010

Ally To The Rescue
posted Aug.04.10 at 12:00 am
Sometimes you get so absorbed and worked up over that daily grind that you need someone to force you to get out of the damn office, kinda like Buddhist monks hitting you with a great big tree branch to induce sudden flashes enlightenment. I don't anymore. Thankfully, Kane has Ally. Do you have anyone?
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Yellow Peril Blog
Sep.01.16 at 11:55 pm

Today, we feature Shawn Coss!!! Check out his Kick Puncher!

Sep.01.16 at 11:42 pm

Today, we feature Kelsey Wailes!!!

Aug.05.16 at 08:43 am

Today, we feature Lesean Thomas!!! If you're heading to Otakon next weekend, make sure to check out the debut of Cannon Busters!!!!!

Aug.04.16 at 10:14 pm

It's time for Lesson 5! Let's talk promotion. And if you're interested in sharing your projects for promotion or critique, check out The Draw Jam on facebook!