Early Interaction [Comic]

January 21, 2013

Early Interaction [Comic]
posted Jan.21.13 at 12:00 am
It doesn't happen often, but I can't stand it when people look over my shoulder as I work.  Drawing is different, but when I'm at work coding something or designing something, I must prefer to show a finished iteration than to have someone stare at code over my shoulder and ask me why the change they wanted hasn't happened yet.

Going Back to Cali

Thanks to Nerdmelt for letting us art all over you.  Thank you to everyone who made it out to Nerdmelt for our show.  It was a fucking blast.  And thank you for tuning in online if you weren't able to physically make it to the venue.  Special thanks to lovely Lea Hernandez and Ethan Nicolle for melting faces with us.  I wish they were closer because I'd love to have them art fight again.  Hell, maybe we just need to book more dates in LA.

I was only able to stay for a night, but I miss LA already.  Maybe it's the type of people art fight tends to attract, but I met a whole bunch of awesome folks who are just as silly and nerdy as we are.  It also turns out I have a few friends out there that I haven't seen in ages.  And the weather is absolutely gorgeous.  It's a bit random seeing a guitar store, strip club, and comic shop on the same block, but there's also 24 hour pho.  Can't wait to get back to LA.

The West side tour continues next month when we hit the Macworld Live stage in San Francisco on Friday, February 1 from 2-2:45pm.  We will be art fighting with pixels which should be lots of fun.  And I believe they will be streaming the event on the site.

Alright, I gotta sack out.  Thanks again, LA!


Oh great, another webcomic with two people playing video games on a couch.


Ally and Greg sit on a couch playing video games.


Sounds like you guys got a lot done today.


Yeah. Usually, I don't like too much client interaction so early in the process.


Ally continues.


But it really helped having lance there.


Ally's phone rings as Greg begins a story.


Clients crack me up. One of the women I worked with had this--


Ally turns away from Greg to answer her phone.




Oh!  Heeeey... huh--Hi?
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