Easily Distracted

December 17, 2012

Easily Distracted
posted Dec.17.12 at 12:00 am
Discipline is the key to working for yourself. Sometimes, that means keeping regular business hours. That can be really tough when you're your own boss because there's very little fear of you firing yourself for being late.


I'd like to send glorious hugs and kisses Danielle for coming down to Rockville and driving me up to and back from New Jersey; massive bear hugs and kisses to Dani and Bill for hosting us, feeding us, and letting us sleep on their couch; badass mother fu--SHUTYOMOUTH hugs and kisses to Chris of Wildpig Comics for hosting the signing and selling me all sorts of excellent graphic novels; sweet tooth hugs and kisses to Gary, the Fleen guy, whom I finally met in person who also came bearing gluten free mini cheese cakes for all four of us at the signing; master of disguise hugs and kisses to Phil Chan, Master of Disguise, for driving up all the way from Delaware to hang out with us for the day; and finally, big sloppy hugs and kisses to everyone who came out to see us! Apparently, driving an hour to a comic shop is "down the street" for you Jersey folk. Hells yeah!

Oh, and my face and stomach thank Charlie's Hot Dogs for the massive Italian hot dog thing I got. Roasted potatoes, peppers, onions, spicy mustard, and two hotdogs in a massive pocket of bread. Um. YES! ALWAYS!

I had an absolute blast and would love to come back for more. Like when I get book 2 out sometime in 2013. Oh man, it'd be so fun to do a little mini tour and visit friends and sign comics and eat foods!


Panel 4 may or may not be an accurate depiction of the author.


Exterior of Chez Wong.


Hmmm... guess I beat Kane.


Ally walks up to the table where Bodie's sitting with her laptop bag slung over her shoulder.


Looks like it. You hear anything from him?


Nope. You think he's taking this seriously?


Bodie gestures to Ally who takes out her laptop.


Well, he gets easily distracted. Especially when he's dating.




Kane is slumped over his work desk sleeping. Around his desk are paints, brushes, and an vinyl toy in progress.


It's alright. If it becomes a problem, he'll get his act together as soon as we say something. Besides, there's a lot of non-design stuff we can deal with while we wait.
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