Just the Thing [Comic]

September 9, 2013

Just the Thing [Comic]
posted Sep.09.13 at 12:00 am
Just when you thought we were done with close up shots, MORE CLOSE UP SHOTS!


Holy crap, Baltimore Comic Con was totally awesome you guys!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello.  I always like meeting readers in person.  BCC is such a great show because it really is all about comics.  The organizers don't give a shit about your movie or television show (well, almost. The "Comic Book Men" were on site, but in general, BCC doesn't care about about other media).  They care about comics.

I was most gratified that Stan Sakai remembered who I was.  I performed on stage with him at Katsucon a few years back in a Super Art Fight where he soundly trounced me (WORTH IT). He's one of my biggest heroes and it's so nice to see that he's so down to earth and friendly.

Next year, the show is adding a third day.  I will do my best to be there.  All this year, I've been making a short list of cons that I really want to hit next year knowing that the baby is on the way. BCC is a top contender because it's so much fun!


Somehow, I got a table at SMALL PRESS SEXPO!  This is really last minute so of course I'm ill prepared.  And I'm gonna be late to the show since I had scheduled something in the morning since I didn't need to show up early to set up.  I'll have more deets on where exactly my thing will be.  AHHHHHH!!!!

It's a toss up between this show and ConnectiCon for my absolute favorite show.  It's so much fun.  There's such a great vibe there.  And this year it's even bigger!

GAH!!  So much to do!!!  Alright, enough freaking out.  Back to work!


The answer better be bubble tea.


Ally sits in bed dialing a number on her phone. She sniffs and takes off her glasses.  Her eyes are puffy.


Ally talks on the phone.


Hey, can-- can I come over?

ANNIE (On the phone)

Sure, hun. You alright? You been cryin'?


Ally pauses. She seems confused.


No. Ye--I just-- I need comfort? Distraction?

ANNIE (On the phone)

I've got just the thing.
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