Two Girls, One Couch

October 21, 2016

Two Girls, One Couch
posted Oct.21.16 at 12:05 am

This comic doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you play Destiny. For those that do play Destiny, here is my long and largely uninformed PVP rant.

I should preface this by saying that I am awful at PVP and at FPS games in general. I’ve played every Bungie Halo game but mostly the single player story missions. I didn’t really start playing PVP until Destiny dropped so my MLG 360 no-scope skills are just NOPE. I also don’t give a shit that I suck so I don’t take it seriously at all.

That being said, since the Rise of Iron dropped back in September and brought the new Supremacy mode to the Crucible, Destiny PVP is basically a test ground for how many ways you can die to a shotgun. Supremacy encourages CQC (Close Quarters Combat) because in order to register a point for your team, you have to pick up the crest that your opponent drops once you down them. No crest, no point. Destiny maps in general are well suited to CQC, but Supremacy in particular skews very heavily to that style of game play. So it makes sense that shotguns reign supreme.

For the most part, shotguns are a one-hit kill. If your shotgun doesn’t quite finish the job, a follow-up melee will end your opponent. So it’s best to just follow up a shotgun blast with a melee just in case because shotgun reload times are stupid. If you’re running an auto shotgun, you don’t need to melee. But this is getting way too in the weeds. The point is, I totally understand why shotguns are basically the only thing people are using in Supremacy. It just kind of makes gameplay a bit boring. Destiny has a wide variety of guns with numerous perks that, in theory, allow you to customize your load out to your play style. Couple that with the variety of armor and shaders you can use and you have a game that’s basically custom fit for you.

Unless you play PVP.

Then you’re locked into the shotgun meta because if you use anything else, you’re just giving yourself an unnecessary challenge.

With the introduction of private matches in September, the general thought amongst the Crucible hardcore is that Destiny MLG is coming. We’ve already had an exhibition showing off the new game mode and what do you know, the team running shotguns stomped the team running snipers. It’s going to be interesting to see how the pro circuit evolves. Will shotguns still dominate or will pro organizers come up with unique ways to show off the wide variety of Destiny gunplay.

So yeah, that’s why I did this comic.

Or maybe it was just to draw Ally as a Sunbreaker. Every titan I know gets that evil grin anytime they pop hammers!

If you’d like a full, print resolution of this comic, head on over to my Patreon page where I post full res versions of the comic and progress shots throughout the week.


Two girls, one couch.


Is that me? I look like one of Kane’s Gundam models!


Titans got some pretty neat looking mech armor in the Taken King DLC.




Oh shit, I just got one-shot! What’s a “Matador 64?”


Shotgun. Here, I’m gonna switch your primary to Universal Remote. Double shotty.




What’s a primary?


A Crucible myth these days. Oh, grab that crest!




Fuck! That fucker just appeared out of nowhere!


He’s red barring hard. It’s a connection issue.




Are shotguns the only guns in the game?


Technically, no. But they’re a one-hit kill if you’re close enough.




Oh, oh! It’s says Super Charged!


Hammer Time! Please hurt ‘em! Hit both bumpers and let em rip!



Ally pops her hammer with a giant grin on her face.

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