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No one expects to be the posted!

So the wars part is an extreme exaggeration. The killer squirrels? Yeah, we fucking had those. They'd hid in the top of the kiosks in the gap right under the top and jump out at you if you tried to staple shit on their territory. So many fucking squirrels! As far as I know, no one got rabies. But surprise squirrel can give you quite a jump when you're just trying to get the word out about your event.

↓ Transcript


 It's just a harmless squirrel, isn't it!


An angry squirrel jumps out at a young Kane.

KANE (Caption)

We used to have to watch out for crazy squirrel attacks while posturing.


Kane is stapled up to a wall. In the foreground, members of the Go Club laugh as they walk away.

KANE (Caption)

The vicious Staple Gun Gangs made us miss those killer squirrel days.

KANE (in panel)

I’ll bite your legs off!


Kane rests his chin on his right fist as someone sticks a needle into his left upper arm.

KANE (Caption)

Got a lot of tetanus shots that semester.

KANE (in panel)

Only a flesh wound.

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