Yellow Peril Presents

The 47 Bronin

A modern retelling of the
Japanese Chushingura legend

As retold by Jamie Noguchi

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Special Thanks

I'd like to thank Matthew York and Evan Behar for supporting my work on the Bronin. Be sure to visit Matt's wood working blog, Fractured Turnings and Evan's art blog,

Poster Campaign

My brotastic version of the Chushingura originally ran on Yellow Peril in February 2014 as a filler arc to give me time to figure out how to make comics and care for a newborn at the same time. What started out as a necessary filler arc turned out to be a really fun project.

So to commemorate the Bronin and their tale, I created a limited edition poster and t-shirt.

These items were only available until March 26, 2014 exclusively at the 47 Bronin Backer campaign.

While the poster and shirt are both unavailable, you can purchase a Digidition of the 47 Bronin which includes development sketches and commentary never seen before. Thank you for your support!

The 47 Bronin Digidtion $1.99

Thanks for reading!