Posted February 17, 2010 at 12:30 pm
Despite the huge SNOMG dumped on us all last week, I managed to make it out to Katsucon 16 this past weekend. I did a short review of the convention for the podcast so you can check that out. Super Art Fight had a table in the dealer room so I spent most of my time just hanging out with friends talking about art and comics and all sorts of geekery. Gave out a crap ton of cards and buttons (thank you Mod Buttons! They came the Friday before I left for the con).

It was a lot of fun to get back on the circuit. And I got to do an Art Fight with one of my very favorite artists of all time, Jo Chen! While I hunt for photos and video from the event, here's a link dump of awesome people I got to hang with:

  • Jo Chen - She easily kicked my ass at the Art Fight. So much fun!

  • Ross Nover - Ross's System comic will some day rule us all. Mark my words!

  • Michael Bracco - The best of Baltimore and a smart marketer. I will learn his jutsu.

  • Jamie Baldwin - Some day, we will battle for who gets to use the name "Jamie."

  • Dirk Tiede - He just released his third book! Go get it now!

  • Garth Graham - One of the best dressed of our art fighters.

  • Hawk - Fellow mac head! The second Applegeeks book is out in store right now!

  • Brian Wilson - He had a guest strip week where one of his fans dressed up as his main character for a photo comic. Nothing says webcomic love like cosplay!

  • Mookie - One of these days, I'm gonna find out why he's called "Mookie."

  • Shawn Handyside - The genius behind Halolz. He's also got one of my shirt designs for sale (they're on clearance because quite frankly my shit doesn't sell).

  • Morlock Enterprises - Jim builds some pretty amazing stuff.

  • Chris "The Impact" Impink - The godfather of Super Art Fight himself and creator of the Wheel of Death. He was staffing the con this year so we barely got to see him.

  • Kara - She hosted the cosplay so I barely got to see her either.

  • Super Art Fight - They want us back next year! So mark your calendars because Super Art Fight will descend upon Katsucon 2011!

I think the next con coming up is Connecticon which is in the summer so I've got plenty of time to get some stuff ready. Katsu was a nice test run, but I've got to step my game up.