Posted February 10, 2010 at 09:57 pm
Despite the Gigantor sized blizzard that has blanketed the DC Metro area in a blanket of OMG WAHT THE FUCK DO WE DO, Katsucon is still go. I'm rolling with the Super Art Fight crew and we're scheduled to perform on the main stage on Saturday from 2-4pm.

Things are still up in the air because we're not entirely certain how the roads will look by the weekend, but I'm planning on being there Saturday and Sunday. We've got table space in the dealer's room so we'll be hanging there. I was planning on having buttons and cards to give away, but because of the SNOMG they have yet to arrive. Either way, stop by if you want a sketch or something or just want to talk about Kamen Rider. I do so love me some Kamen Rider.

So connect your dynotherms and fire up them mega thrusters. Katsucon is go!