Posted February 10, 2010 at 09:57 pm
Despite the Gigantor sized blizzard that has blanketed the DC Metro area in a blanket of OMG WAHT THE FUCK DO WE DO, Katsucon is still go. I'm rolling with the Super Art Fight crew and we're scheduled to perform on the main stage on Saturday from 2-4pm.

Things are still up in the air because we're not entirely certain how the roads will look by the weekend, but I'm planning on being there Saturday and Sunday. We've got table space in the dealer's room so we'll be hanging there. I was planning on having buttons and cards to give away, but because of the SNOMG they have yet to arrive. Either way, stop by if you want a sketch or something or just want to talk about Kamen Rider. I do so love me some Kamen Rider.

So connect your dynotherms and fire up them mega thrusters. Katsucon is go!
Posted February 8, 2010 at 08:27 am
If you couldn't tell from the shirt that Kane is wearing in this first arc, I'm a huge Kamen Rider fan. In Japan, there's a genre of live-action television shows called Tokusatsu in which heroes transform into super-powered beings or don super-powered suits to battle monsters. As you might guess, this is a genre aimed at young kids. But as Tokusatsu is well beloved in Japan, the costumed heroes have fans young and old.

The Rider franchise began in 1971 with the first series, "Kamen Rider," which ran from 1971-1973 and spanned 98 episodes. Since then, there have been many Riders who have stepped up to defend the world against the forces of evil. The series is still running today with the current Rider, Kamen Rider W (also known as Double).

Igadevil's Kamen Rider Blog is seriously the best place to find the latest and greatest information about Kamen Rider. He's the biggest Rider fan I know. I've learned quite a bit about the history of the franchise from following his blog. Japan Hero has some great image galleries for most of the Riders (they're missing stuff for Kiva, Decade, and Double).

Back to the Kamen Rider influence on my comics, Kane's shirt is a combination of that famous Che Guevara image and Kamen Rider 1's mask. Kane's middle name and last name are also taken from Kamen Rider 1, Takeshi Hongo. My previous comic, Angry Zen Master, featured my own interpretation of Kamen Rider suits. So there's been a lot of Kamen Rider floating around in my work.
Posted February 2, 2010 at 07:05 am
I neglected to post a pronunciation guide for Kane's name. It comes from the Japanese word kane meaning "money" or "gold" (I've been told both), not the traitorous Kwai Chang Caine "I will help you" kind of Kane. As I understand it, there are no silent vowels in Japanese so Kane is pronounced kä n? with the long a as in giant explody director Michael Bay. I've added pronunciation notes to the Cast page to make it more clear so when you read his name you hear kä n? in your head. I mean, I don't think he'd get terribly upset if you mispronounced it. He's dealt with it all his life. He'd probably just get dizzy from the speed with which he rolls his eyes at you.

In other news, Gary of the Webcomic Action News Team over at Fleen gave me some nice words of encouragement. Totally unexpected! Thanks so much! Thanks to all my twitter friends for all the lurv.
Posted February 1, 2010 at 12:00 am
Come in, come in. I know we've just opened, but please take a look around.

Our About section has some nice juicy details about the comic and just what the heck "Yellow Peril" is. If you have any questions about the comic, you can head on over to the Yellow Peril formspring and ask away.

Our Cast page gives some very brief details about our players like their blood types, special powers, and first appearances.

Our Links section provides a nice choice of other wonderful comics and sites that we highly recommend you frequent often.

Finally, you can subscribe to the production podcast to listen to how the comic gets put together and random musings on ethnicity in America. You can also listen to the podcast thanks to the handy dandy widget in our sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by! And please, enjoy your stay!
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