Posted February 2, 2010 at 07:05 am
I neglected to post a pronunciation guide for Kane's name. It comes from the Japanese word kane meaning "money" or "gold" (I've been told both), not the traitorous Kwai Chang Caine "I will help you" kind of Kane. As I understand it, there are no silent vowels in Japanese so Kane is pronounced kä n? with the long a as in giant explody director Michael Bay. I've added pronunciation notes to the Cast page to make it more clear so when you read his name you hear kä n? in your head. I mean, I don't think he'd get terribly upset if you mispronounced it. He's dealt with it all his life. He'd probably just get dizzy from the speed with which he rolls his eyes at you.

In other news, Gary of the Webcomic Action News Team over at Fleen gave me some nice words of encouragement. Totally unexpected! Thanks so much! Thanks to all my twitter friends for all the lurv.
Posted February 1, 2010 at 12:00 am
Come in, come in. I know we've just opened, but please take a look around.

Our About section has some nice juicy details about the comic and just what the heck "Yellow Peril" is. If you have any questions about the comic, you can head on over to the Yellow Peril formspring and ask away.

Our Cast page gives some very brief details about our players like their blood types, special powers, and first appearances.

Our Links section provides a nice choice of other wonderful comics and sites that we highly recommend you frequent often.

Finally, you can subscribe to the production podcast to listen to how the comic gets put together and random musings on ethnicity in America. You can also listen to the podcast thanks to the handy dandy widget in our sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by! And please, enjoy your stay!
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