Like Thieves

January 25, 2012

Like Thieves
Posted January 25, 2012 at 12:00 am
There are some places that just expect you to steal from them. Time is money, after all, and if you're wasting time on facebook or Gchat, some companies consider that stealing. Evil fucks. Like anyone can really work all eight hours of a damn day. There are lunch breaks, smoke breaks, bathroom breaks, email breaks, meetings, reports, time cards, phone calls. I'd say you're lucking to get in four real work hour on a really good day. And that's without facebook. There's just so much ancillary bullshit hoop jumping that companies make you go through on any given day that it's impossible to do a full eight straight hours of work.

Yellow Peril Blog
Posted September 18, 2020 at 12:45 pm

Magma Studio is a fun little web app. If you've got a browser, you've got a drawing app! Mostly. If you're using MacOS Safari, you get no tablet support. If you're using iOS Safari, you do get tablet support but no paste function. Both make me chuckle a bit. But overall, it's fun to play with. Sure, it could use some more functions in there, but I think it's a solid base app to build on. And you have draw with 30 friends at the same time! Big time art jam! Reminds me of the old oekaki days in the 90s.

So check it out. This is not sponsored, but I had fun with it and I think you will, too!