Daiginjo Grade [Comic]

October 30, 2013

Daiginjo Grade [Comic]
posted Oct.30.13 at 12:00 am
I actually don't know too much about the different grades of sake, but it's one of the few alcohols I'll ever drink. I have a friend who is way into it and can tell the difference between the grades, probably because he's the one buying the stuff.  I tend to like the milky, unfiltered ones.  But I'll generally try any sake.

I don't drink ever so I haven't developed a proper sake palette.  And I usually wash it down with lots of water and Coke.  Because I'm super lame.  But yes, if you wanna get my drunk, sake is my drink.  Also note, me being drunk is me falling asleep with red cheeks.


Have you ever seen us on stage or clips of our show and thought to yourself, “Well if these fucking idiots can do this shit, so can I.”  Well, you’re right.  Anyone can do this shit.  But if you want to be on stage with us, we’ve got a process.  This Saturday,eight art fight hopefuls compete in the Super Art Fight Idol tournament for the chance to join our roster in 2014.  This group of hopefuls is the most talented and most prepared we’ve ever seen.  They even held a practice session this past weekend with our very own Charmcity Shinobi, Dann Malihom.

How do we determine the winners of an Art Fight Idol?  We do it reality style, with three judges.  Mikey “Baron Von Sexiful” BraccoNick “Ghostfreehood” DiFabbio, and myself will be doing our best Simon Cowell impressions yelling terribly unhelpful things at these wide eyed art fight newbies.  We will ultimately decide whose art reigns supreme.

But the best part is that this show is free to the public!  We’re going from noon to 6pm at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore.  We’re also raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation.  Members of our current roster will be on hand selling original pieces and other assorted merchandise all to benefit Make A Wish.

So if you’re free this weekend, come on down for an exciting show and see some new blood battle it out for a chance to take us old ass art fighters in 2014!


Sake soothes the soul. Aaaaand I ran out of s words.


Bodie regards the sake bottle.


Whoa, this is sake? It's so smooth.


Daiginjo grade, so it's like top shelf whiskey.


Bodie frowns at his cup.


Oh, man. Now I'm forever spoiled. Anyway, things were fine until Queen gave us that "controlling interest" crap.


Flashback. Bodie looks stunned. Ally tries to console him while making a point.

BODIE (Caption)

I mean, that's suit speak. So it gets all quiet. Thankfully, Ally has the presence of mind to suggest that we take some time to consider.


Kane freaks out.

BODIE (Caption)

Kane shoos them out and just explodes.


Flashback. Kane scowls.

BODIE (Caption)

But it's not just the ultimatum he's pissed about. He doesn't like the number of government contracts on their client list.

KANE (In flashback frame)

It'd be the same shit as Pedanticorp. What's the point?
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