Tokutember Day 5 - Cicada

September 5, 2017

Tokutember Day 5 - Cicada
posted Sep.05.17 at 09:11 am

Day 5 of #tokutember! Been working on this Cicada Rider design for some time and wanted to try some painterly rendering. Cicadas are my favorite!

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Yellow Peril Blog
Sep.01.16 at 11:55 pm

Today, we feature Shawn Coss!!! Check out his Kick Puncher!

Sep.01.16 at 11:42 pm

Today, we feature Kelsey Wailes!!!

Aug.05.16 at 08:43 am

Today, we feature Lesean Thomas!!! If you're heading to Otakon next weekend, make sure to check out the debut of Cannon Busters!!!!!

Aug.04.16 at 10:14 pm

It's time for Lesson 5! Let's talk promotion. And if you're interested in sharing your projects for promotion or critique, check out The Draw Jam on facebook!