There's a Pouch For Cat [Comic]

September 2, 2014

There's a Pouch For Cat [Comic]
Posted September 2, 2014 at 12:03 am

This week is super busy. I've got a six page short that I need to finish (I'll post a preview of the inks for my Patrons), a one page commission that's just come in, plus the day job decided that this week was going to be a busy one. Oh, and there's a con this weekend. So that's why you're seeing a 4 koma of Cable rescuing a kitty with one of his many pouches.


There's a Pouch For That

I don't know how many of these I will do in the future, but at least for this week, I'll be doing some silly 4 koma of Cable actually using his damn pouches. This idea sprung from a twitter conversation with Fantom Comics about the fact that in all the years Cable has been around, we've never actually seen him use any of his pouches.

Oh, and they won't always rhyme. Cat just worked out really well for this first one.



No, we aren't performing. But yes, a shit ton of us will be there! It's going to be a damn blast! Check out our handy dandy guide to find where the party will be. Awwww yeah!


Yellow Peril Blog
Posted October 15, 2019 at 10:54 pm

Hello YP Fam!

So clearly, I haven't been around the site much. I still answer the occasional comment that pops up, but I haven't posted anything proper in a good long while. I didn't want to sound like I'm making excuses, but I think maybe it's worth it to just let you know what's been going on.

Good stuff! But super busy!!

So me and my friend Jeremy Whitely have landed a three book deal for a property that we've been pitching for a while. And I'm in the thick of inking pages right now. I probably won't be done until end of this year, early next which is why I haven't had a chance to get back to YP in a while now.

I usually have a bajillion things going on all at once which should come as not small surprise. But I've dropped a lot of extra stuff (haven't even blogged in months) to concentrate on getting this first book done and I'm still running behind, even with 3am being a very familiar time of day for me.

I do plan on getting to YP once this first book is turned in. And hopefully, I'll be able to time manage much better for the next two volumes so I can have some breathing space.

So that's where I've been. I haven't given up on YP, I just haven't had time to do anything else but work on this first book. I'll be pimping the shit out of it when the publisher makes the official announcement to be sure. But until then, it's back to the grind for me!

Posted June 7, 2019 at 02:20 pm

I've spent a month with the iPad Pro and have some thoughts on what types of creators will find this to be a useful tool. This would have been a very different review without the reveal of iPadOS this past week.

Please take my thoughts with many, many, MANY grains of sand. I don't have other devices to compare the Pro to so it's not a very thorough review in my mind. But I try to answer the question, "What type of creator is the iPad Pro for?"