Linky stinky inky drinky! Here are a bunch of folks and sites that I love and visit all the time. And so should you. Listed alphabetically.



amu's world
Amusworld, amugiri by amu with photography and writing by Brian, tells the tale of a secret ninja village full of cute amugiri ninja. Updates on Wednesdays.

I met these guys when they were just starting out. Now, Applegeeks illustrated by Mohammad F. Haque and written by Ananth Panagariya, has a real life publishing deal with Dark Horse comics! Bringing you full color funny once a week and Applegeeks Lite three times a week.

Written by a 5-year-old, drawn by a 29-year-old. Serious amounts of awesome. Indeed, this comic wins all comics. I mean, come on! The guy is a cop. With and axe. That’s fucking awesome!

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary
Erika Moen’s DAR:A Super Top Secret Girly Comic Diary is a journal comic that’s filled with all the great things you’d want in a journal comic, farts, zits, boobs, and much more! No longer updating, but the archive is still online.

Dueling Analogs
I first met Steve Napierski staring down the business end of an airsoft gun. I somehow survived the encounter. Turns out he comics just as well as he shoots. Dueling Analogs brings you wonderfully illustrated gaming humor Monday through Thursday.

With art by Xin Ye (formerly me) and written by Rob Balder, Erfworld was counted as one of Time Magazine’s top 10 graphic novels of 2007. Erfworld is what you get when you mix Tron with Lord of the Rings and add a healthy sprinkling of 70′s pop culture.

Illustrated by Paul Duffield and written by one of my most favorite writers Warren Ellis, FreakAngels follows twelve 23 year-olds with strange powers as they try to clean up the mess they made when they ended the world at the age of seventeen.

Girls With Slingshots
Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto fills you week days with sexy comedy, copious drinking, and a talking cactus.

Hello With Cheese
Hello With Cheese illustrated by Bryan Prindiville and written Dern comes at you five days a week bringing the mad funny.

Johnny Wander, MAW MAW MAW
Johnny Wander by illustrated by Yuko Ota and written by Ananth Panagariya (two listings?! He’s a beast!) is a thoroughly charming bio comic/fiction comic that is full of awesome.

Now that Fragile Gravity is complete, the dynamic duo of writer Barb Fischer and artist (and Super Art Fight godfather) Chris “Impact” Impink bring you a graphic novel style action pack adventure comic with rollergirls and zombies. FEEL THE IMPACT!

The System
Very soon, Ross Nover’s The System will take over the world as the standard for design humor by which all design comics are measured. Updated thrice a week.

Three Panel Soul
Because two is never enough and four is sometimes too much, Three Panel Soul illustrated by Ian McConville and written by Matt Boyd is so mighty that the FBI were once sent to Matt’s house to investigate. True story.

VG Cats
Don’t let Scott Ramsoomair’s reserved demeanor fool you. His VGCats is full of biting and wickedly fucked up video game humor. Obviously one of my favorites.


Angry Asian Man
Is it hyperbole or is it real? Whatever the case, when there’s racism against Asians about, leave it to the Angry Asian Man to shine a light on its evil.

Jen Wang and Diana Nguyen dish on the latest and greatest (and sometimes not so great) Asian Americans in entertainment, fashion, politics, and where ever else they find them.

From Shawn Handyside, the genius who brought you such amazing shirts as Two Girls One-Up and This is How I Roll, comes his most brilliant venture to date, Halolz. It’s lolcats for video games and it’s fucking brilliant.

Henshin Justice Unlimited
If left to their own devices, Japanese children would run wild and wreck havoc on the general population. So instead of strapping exploding collars to their necks and having them battle to the death on some deserted island, Japanese television studios invented tokusatsu, live action television shows where teens transform into powered rangers to defeat gigantic monsters. HJU is your source for all things tokusatsu.

Justice Ace
From the Great Sage Equal to Heaven and Master of the 72 Earthly Transformations, Mike Dent, the genius behind the R5 Central podcast, brings you the latest on Japanese pop culture, music, giant robot anime, and tokusatsu.

Occasional Superheroine
Valerie D’Orazio is perhaps one of comic’s greatest advocates. Her original series of “Goodbye to Comics” posts on her blog grabbed the attention of the comics world at large. Since then, she’s become a voice for change challenging the industry’s treatment of women in comics and women working in comics. And she’s bloody brilliant.

You Offend Me and You Offend My Family
Possibly the longest URL I’ve ever typed into a web browser, You Offend Me… is brought to you by a group of Asian American actors making their mark in Hollywood.