Domo Office

November 24, 2015

posted Nov.24.15 at 11:27 am

Domo surveys the office!

This week is Thansgiving week in the states where we celebrate the genocide of an indigenous people. Also turkey.

I'm away for the week and because the last few weeks have kicked my ass up and down, I don't have much to post. So I snapped this quick photo of Domo in the new office of the place where I've been doing most of my work. I'll have something for Friday which should be silly and then hopefully, back to regular comics when December hits!

I hope you all have a great week with family and friends if you celebrate the holiday!

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Yellow Peril Blog
May.22.15 at 12:05 am

Another real-time tutorial. The digital inking tips apply to brush and pen inking as well, it's just easier for me to demonstrate in Photoshop.

May.05.15 at 06:22 pm

Been a while since I did one of these, but here's a cel shading cutie tutorial!



Apr.30.15 at 03:14 pm

A very quick and dirty review of C2E2!

Shout out to Phil Chan of Digital Pimp for hooking me up with table space!


Feb.23.15 at 01:58 pm

Some thoughts on ScarJo and GITS.